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A Reasoned Choice…

When you use a hinged door, you lose the use of a significant amount of space. The swinging door is most commonly used in traditional projects, which contrasts with the requirements of our time. The disadvantages are that swinging doors create unusable space in the door’s swing path, as well as a restriction of traffic flow. The door system that slides into the wall is void of any of these restraints.

With a sliding pocket door system, and you gain a significant amount of space. Compared to conventional, hinged doors, sliding pocket doors offer advantages in every living space.   It is estimated that in an average home, more than 8% extra space can be utilized by the use of sliding pocket doors.

While it’s true that pocket door systems have been available for a while, it is equally true that all pocket door systems are not the same. Let us bring you into the 21st century with the Eclisse sliding pocket door systems, a sliding pocket door system made for the requirements of our time! Check out the Eclisse Pocket Door Frame section on our website or ask your Door Store America professional about the unique features of Eclisse. We know you’ll be impressed.