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Door Store America is proud to be a leader in design trends in new home construction and remodeling. Our products will help you to embrace indoor-outdoor living. What is indoor-outdoor living? This lifestyle encourages you to open an entire wall of your home to your back yard, to dramatically expand your living space and take advantage of your surroundings. With this lifestyle, you can allow your guests to enjoy the best of your home.

French doors or sliding patio doors are popular in Southern California homes, for good reason. Their generous expanses of glass bring the beauty of the outdoors into homes. French doors are extremely versatile, allowing you to put exterior doors in areas where they would otherwise obstruct the view or ruin the clean lines of a room.

We offer elegant French doors with two, three, four or more panels so you can create a simple set of double doors or a truly impressive wall of glass. With our French doors, you can achieve the ultimate in interior/exterior flexibility.

Choose from patio doors and French doors of Douglas Fir, Knotty Alder, Mahogany, or other luxurious hardwoods to bring warmth to your home. Alternatively, you can choose sleek and simple frames of aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl for a more contemporary flair. Our designer patio doors and French doors feature double paned, tempered glass for superior energy efficiency, safety, and clarity.

Your French doors can be made to swing in or out to fit perfectly with the layout of your home and furniture. With our doors, you can give your home an effortless traffic flow that will improve the function of each room.

Consult with one of our industry professionals to help determine what style and material will work best in your home. Our staff is happy to provide advice on what will work best for your home. Whether you want a simple French or patio door or a complex multi-slide system unit, we can guide you through the process.