Top Budget-Friendly Office Doors


douglas fir doorAs a small business owner, you need to consider not only your budget but also the quality of the doors you are choosing. In addition to cost, security, aesthetics, and function are the key components that will influence your decision. The following questions will help you select which of the top budget-friendly doors are for you.

1. What is the dimension of the door?

This may seem obvious but dimensions affect price. Standard door height for both interior & exterior doors is 80”, but width can vary greatly. Take measurements for each door you want to purchase before you start looking at options.

2. What is the function of the door?

For most small businesses, an interior door provides privacy, whether you are in a retail space or a small office. You want to consider whether you want a view, and if so, what kind. A standard and popular interior office door is the Solid Core Standard Duty Paint Grade Rotary Natural Birch, but it offers no visibility. The Interior 2 Panel Square Top Molded Door has just enough detail to add a little interest to your office space without breaking the bank, but there is no window to the outside area. Doors with a glass element are more expensive, but may be worth the extra cost. This also applies to exterior doors with the additional concern of security during non-business hours. The Exterior Solid Douglas Fir 9 Lite, 2 Panel Bottom – Half Lite is a great example of a reasonably priced exterior door, which may suit all of your needs. For a nominal fee, you can even upgrade to laminate glass that will not break, similar to a car windshield.

3.  What type of aesthetic and ambiance are you cultivating?

This is the most personal decision you will make when choosing an office door, so it’s all about your style and preference. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that provide a different black and Asian dating look and feel to a space, while still remaining affordable. Something like the gorgeous Interior Doug Fir Pantry French Door Satin Etch Glass may not be in your budget yet, but the Full View French Door Clear Glass, Ovolo Sticking may be an excellent compromise.