Feng Shui of Doors


Feng Shui is a popular philosophy of interior design, and, while it is a complex, nuanced concept, a beginner can grasp its core principles and reap its benefits by focusing on primary components of a space, such as doors.

exterior doors opening to patio

Feng Shui is about how energy flows through a space. Its name translates to wind (feng) and water (shui), two naturally occurring elements that create movement, are necessary to sustain life, and whose flows change based on external forces. Their essence is referred to as Chi or life force. When you describe a place as homey or creepy, you are talking about its energy, which is shaped by aesthetics, the placement of objects, and how each element of the space relates to the others. In your own home, you may have rooms you enjoy and others you avoid. Usually, the ones you bypass are full of clutter, not thoughtfully decorated, or uncomfortable. Emanating from them is Sha and/or Si Chi. Sha Chi is a more aggressive, attacking energy, while Si Chi is a low, decaying energy. Either way, you want to minimize these negative forms of Chi, and foster Sheng Chi, positive energy.

The best way to welcome positive energy into your home is through your front door. Ideally, your front door will be larger than the back entrance and in proportion to the property. A door that is too big may allow good energy to escape and one that is too small may prevent it from entering. Your front door should open inwards, free of obstacles and clutter, welcoming in the Sheng Chi of the outside world rather than pushing away the positive energy on your doorstep. Most importantly, it should not be hit by anything sharp or angled. These obstructions are considered “exterior poison arrows,” and can transform high quality energy into a poor one.

These are just a few ways to apply Feng Shui to your doors. Additional components to consider are their alignment, color, which is dictated by the direction your door is facing, and general appearance. A quick test is to take a long hard look at your front door and ask yourself, is this entrance welcoming? Would I feel good ringing the doorbell or is there another door I would prefer to approach? What changes would make me want to cross this threshold? Begin there, and you are on your way to cultivating an energy that surrounds you with positive, warm feelings. Find out more by calling our friendly representatives at (800) 504-0506 today!