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The Perfect Pet Door [Infographic]

Our pets need just as much sunshine and play as we do! Having a pet can be fulfilling with the amount of love and attention they shower upon you. From playing catch in the backyard to cuddling on the couch, having a pet is one of the sure ways to raise your spirits if you’re feeling down. When living in a home that has enough play space for your pet,... View Article


Choosing An Exterior Door For Your Home

Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report states that Entry Door Replacement can help you recoup as much as 101.8% nationally depending on the material. A fiberglass door will return a 70% investment, but this figure changes depending on the region. For example, homeowners in the Pacific recovered 91.6% by replacing their existing door with a fiberglass one. While this makes exterior door replacement a wise investment in home improvement,... View Article


Memorable Door Moments from Television

There are many things that define our favorite TV episodes and characters, and one of those is a great entrance. Other times, exits and entrances are what keep a show rolling along, providing laughs for the audience and confusion for the characters. These 10 memorable door moments from television are as much a part of pop culture as the shows themselves. Just click on each picture to see these scenes... View Article


Feng Shui of Doors

Feng Shui is a popular philosophy of interior design, and, while it is a complex, nuanced concept, a beginner can grasp its core principles and reap its benefits by focusing on primary components of a space, such as doors. Feng Shui is about how energy flows through a space. Its name translates to wind (feng) and water (shui), two naturally occurring elements that create movement, are necessary to sustain life,... View Article


A Guide to Choosing a New Front Door

The front door is the entryway to a home. It presents the first impression, and is oftentimes the focal point for the look of a house. The front door extends a friendly welcome while also discouraging intruders and shutting out the weather. So it’s easy to understand why many of us still like our doors to be made of wood. Nothing else matches the material’s warmth and satisfying heft, or... View Article


New Uses For Old Doors

As your new doors are being installed, you are faced with the question of what to do with your old ones. Before you discard them, consider transforming the doors you replaced into something entirely new. Even if you think you are not handy, there are plenty of simple new uses for old doors that do not require complicated carpentry skills. Here are some of our favorites: Tables. Tables are the first... View Article


Ten (10) Tips for Fitting and Hanging New Wood Exterior Doors

If you’re looking into fitting and hanging your own exterior doors, we’ve got the top 10 tips to help you DIY like a pro! When hanging your new door, allow adequate clearance for swelling of the door or frame in wet or damp conditions. In fully dry conditions, allow approximately 3/16” of clearance for potential swelling when the door is installed. Jambs must always be plumb. Don’t cut down doors... View Article


How to Decide Between a Pre-Hung Door vs. a Slab or Book Door

A pre-hung door is just as the name implies, a door that is already assembled and hanging in its own frame. It’s a fully self-contained unit. Even before it’s installed, it’s possible to open and close the door within its own frame (however, it’s not advisable, as you might torque the frame and damage it). The main parts of a pre-hung door are door slab, hinges, and frame. Some factors... View Article


How to Care and Finish Your New Wood Exterior Door

Quality wood exterior doors are handcrafted to last for decades. Just like fine furniture, new wood exterior doors need proper finishing and regular upkeep to ensure peak performance. With high quality wood exterior doors, you can choose from a wide variety of stain or paint possibilities. PREPARATION for FINISHING 1. Before applying the first coat of finish, first remove all handling marks, raised grain, and other undesirable blemishes by sanding all... View Article


The Winchester Mystery House [Infographic]

The Winchester Mystery House is a Queen Ann Style Victorian mansion located in San Jose, California, known for once being the residence of Sarah Winchester. Winchester was the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. The mansion is known for its size, architectural curiosities and lack of any master building plan and now serves as a tourist attraction. Copy the Following Code to Share the Infographic on Your Blog: Presented... View Article

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Ten Interesting Facts About Doors

Even though we use them every day, most people do not give much thought to doors until they need to purchase one. While it is important to know how to pick the right door, it’s also fun to learn new trivia. In that regard, here are some fun facts to impress your friends. 1. According to National Geographic, by examining the tree rings of the door’s wood, Europe’s oldest door is... View Article


Top Budget-Friendly Office Doors

As a small business owner, you need to consider not only your budget but also the quality of the doors you are choosing. In addition to cost, security, aesthetics, and function are the key components that will influence your decision. The following questions will help you select which of the top budget-friendly doors are for you. 1. What is the dimension of the door? This may seem obvious but dimensions affect... View Article